Bilingual Sophrologist
Individuals and Professionals

Paris – Sceaux – Paris area

  • Stress, prevention and follow-up of Burnout
  • Anxiety and depressive states
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Preparation for exams, competitions, public speaking
  • Support during illness and convalescence
How I support you


For individuals

Let’s meet in my practice in an environment of tranquility and letting go, far from the urgency and current overload.


For professionals

In a highly individualized and ultra-connected world, taking a break to get to know yourself better, activate your abilities and connect with the world is essential.

  • At school

    Improving teaching and learning conditions and living well together at school.

  • In corporate world

    Preserve the balance, health and performance of your employees.

  • In health establishments

    Accompany the anxiety related to the disease for the sick and their relatives and support caregivers and caretakers.

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